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Alter: 27
aus: 47178 Duisburg
Schule: Fridtjof-Nanen-Realschule in Duisburg

Ich mag diese...
Musiker: Fall out boy,Linkin Park,30 Seconds to Mars,Evanescence,Billy Talent,Blink 182,Nelly Furtado,Timbaland,Justin Timberlake,Green Day,Sex Pistols,babyshambles,Nirvana,SUM 41,killers
Lieder: The Story,Colorblind,Zombie,Bitte weck mich nicht auf,Hey there Delilha,I miss you,Whats my Age again,The Bittersever symphonie,Jeff Buckley Hallelujah, I`m a terrible person,
Keane We might as well be stangers,don`t speak,cool

Sendungen: Gilmore Girls,Prison Break,O;C Califorinia,Dr.House,One tree hill,Csi,Veronica Mars,Lizzie Mcguire
Filme: Cinderella Story,Freaky,Friday,Step up,Dirty Dancing,Grase
Schauspieler: Sarah Michelle Gellar,Rachel Bilson,Mischa Barton,Wentworth Miller,Doninic Purcell,James Masters,
Bücher: Viele
Hobbies: Viele

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